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Our goal is to provide you the fastest Return on Your Investment and you will see that with our selections you can achieve just that. With our Portable Paint Booth System you can easily and quickly bring new profit centers to your business. Or it is an extremely efficient and cost effective way to expand the capacity of your business with our program.

With Portable Paint Booths you can expand your business and add satellite locations with ease without having to spend $60,000 to $100,000 on a new stand-alone booth. New locations can be set up quickly and extremely inexpensively with our unique financing program and quickly build your client base. Or if you just want to increase your productivity in your existing shop you do not have to permanently give up valuable shop space to achieve it. With Portable Paint Booths you have the Freedom and Flexibility to achieve either one.....OR BOTH with our industry leading mobile paint booth solutions.

Financing & Revolving Rental Program

Why buy when your monthly rental fee is 100% tax deductible! 

Portable Paint Booths understands that businesses that are new and growing need to acquire their equipment with little upfront investment and affordable payment options.

With this in mind, the team at Portable Paint Booths have created a totally unique program with our competitive “Revolving Rental” program which keeps our clients in our most updated system every 3 years operating at peak efficiencies.  You achieve profitability fast with our fantastically affordable payments!

Portable Paint Booth Revolving Rental programs

Tax and administrative advantages

The monthly payments on your Portable Paint Booth are 100% tax deductible as a rental expense for corporate tax purposes!  

Please consult your professional tax advisor for specifics on your potential tax savings.


$299 for 36 months
  • Size: 19'6"L x 13'1" W x 9'8" H
  • Inside Size: 13'1" L x 9'8" W 'x 8'2" H
  • Model Number PB1000
  • Custom Logo Included


$399 for 36 months
  • Size: 26'2" L x 13'1" W x 9'8" H
  • Inside Size: 19'6" L x 9'8" W x 8'2" H
  • Model Number PBXL4000
  • Custom Logo Included


$499 for 36 months
  • Size: 26'2" L x 16'4" W x 9'8" H
  • Inside Size: 19'6' L x 13'1" W x 8'2" H
  • Model Number PBXL5000
  • Custom Logo Included

*For custom sizes please contact us directly for a custom quote.

At the expiration of the operating lease term, you’ll be able to choose from the following options:

  1. Return the equipment
  2. Return the equipment then enter into a new 3-year rental agreement to upgrade your Portable Paint Booth system to our latest model
  3. Extend the duration of the rental agreement with pre-defined conditions, normally a 12-month rental extension

Payment plans are designed to maximize a new company's cash flow while allowing them to have the tools and professional equipment to provide quality work.

Portable Paint “Rental Return”  Payment Plans require a deposit of your first payment along with a $195.00 Documentation Fee.  The remaining 36 monthly payments are dependent on the equipment package you choose and approved credit.

At the end of the original Revolving Rental agreement, you can choose our "Rapid Renew" Option and we will coordinate a return of the used equipment to Portable Paint Booths and send you a new system of your choice, along with you authorizing a new 36-month rental agreement.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their professional and financial goals with little out of pocket investment, low fixed payments and ability to effortlessly upgrade to the latest equipment. We look forward to being part of your growth and success in the portable paint booth business!


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