“Opportunity Knocks” Volume II

Mother Nature can be very unkind to a car. Throughout many areas of the United States she sends hailstorms that cause thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage to vehicles. In 2016 there were over 1 billion dollars in vehicle hail damage across the United States. You’ve probably seen a car with hail damage or have had it happen to you.

When a hailstorm causes all this damage the traditional body shops load up so fast they schedule repairs out for months away. Customers and insurance companies do not want this. Opportunity Knocks! That is a lot of opportunity for a Mobile Paint Repair business or a traditional body shop to take advantage of with our portablepaintbooths.com booth solutions! You can take advantage of a huge market with an extremely low cost to do so. It is as easy as 1-­2-­3 to either set up in a mobile location without having to make an investment in a building or the cost of a fixed booth fastened to the floor and hardwired and booth and installation costs that can cost anywhere from $20-­‐50,000.00.

If you already have an existing shop you can get our portable paint booth that you set you up you will be able to take in more work in your shop for that extra booth to take advantage of the additional revenue opportunity. When you don’t need it you can take it down and store it out of the way so you can use the shop space for something else until the next rush of business. With our portablepaintbooths.com booth Costs to do business goes down and profits go up saving you all that money while you take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. Call us today and find out how fast, easy, and affordable it can be to be in business or grow your existing business even further!